History Of Hana

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♦ MAR’09     Dae-gil motors lubricant operating division starting.
♦ MAY’12     Lubricant export in Mongolia.
♦ AUG’12     HANARO KM (Crop) installation.
♦ AUG’12     Korea’ Institute of petroleum management declaration.
♦ SEP’12       Bucheon factory installation.
♦ NOV’12     Kimpo factory installation.
♦ DEC’12      Conclusion of contract with Myanmar Joint Venture Company.
♦ MAR’13     Korean Intellectual Property office trademark registration (HANA+).
♦ MAY’13     Conclusion of contract with China Joint Venture Company.
♦ JUL’13        ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certification.
♦ JUL’13        KOSHA, clean workplace selection.
♦ NOV’13      Patent certification for lubricant composite & manufacturing method (10-1336294)
♦ JUL’14        Myanmar Investment Commission gines final approval.
♦ MAR’15      Production and sale in Myanmar.


Group Of Company